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. >> your honor, you said in an interview you were worried about the direction the united states was taking away from capitalism and with the government government, more towards socialism. how do you feel now? >> there was a book written about islam called what went wrong. i think the united states deserves another book. what went wrong politically, economically and financially. they began with a bubble and then ended up with another bubble. the -- i think the united states needs to restudy all -- and evaluate what happened in the past decade or maybe 20, 30 years. i'm not sure the you states is -- they're down but not out. the potential is there but you need to look inside and see what you can do on many areas, politically, economically, financially, et cetera. >> i had steve forbes here earlier. you're featured in their annual, one of the richest in the world, number 19. we quibble over you're worth $21 billion or $25 billion. >> i don't really -- i don't dwell on that. i keep to mr. forbes. >> what do you think about president obama? >> i think he needs more time. clearly on his plate, t
on the united states, for sure we should have cancelled his visa instead of saying, well, we'll look at his visa again after it's expired. because the results of that was 300 people on the plane almost expired. so this is a very big wake-up call. and the first place we should wake up is to toss out the views of the so-called privacy advocates who have been hangin' around the fringes of this question for the last five years, a body scan with the technology today doesn't invade anybody's privacy. you can't tell whether it's a man or a woman. >> but yet it's these privacy groups, governor, that still make a big deal of it. we're just getting word that the minneapolis airport. more on that. we'll let you know but it's on the heels of this disruption in newark a couple days ago. but what keeps happening here? >> the congress needs to stand up to these folks and say, hey, mandatory patdowns are a bigger invasion of privacy than the body scan. i would hope that the president of the united states tells people today that there will be mandatory body scans on every domestic polite in the united states and
, is multinational and not solely the united states of america. >> neil: very well put. secretary ridge, very good to see you. >> good talking with you. thank you. >> it's not just the elderly hurting from the disaster in port-au-prince right now. jonathan hunt is at an orphanage where the struggle with simply to get out. >> reporter: neil this is a desperate situation here at the house of the children of god orphanage. we first came here yesterday, first reported on the desperate situation, 26 babies in the back of a truck. their only home, their only shelter. no form larks nothing. they were giving them regular milk which causes diarrhea in young children. that adds to the danger of dehydration. there in all 135 children here. this is the ridiculous thing. listen to this, 120 of them have already been legally adopted by united states families. families right across america. this girl, for instance, i have lynn, this one here, she's been adopted by a family in nebraska. bilu has been adopted by kim harmon, the harmon family in texas. all they need to get out of here, neil, is a yes from the state
by terrorists against the united states. it disturbs me a little when i think that we are too eager to say there's no longer a war on terror because we're no longer at war with terrorists. i believe we are at war with terrorists. i believe they continue to declare war against us and continue to train for it. they continue to implement terrorist schemes, whether it be in the middle east or attempt to carry the schemes out in the united states. i think we should understand that. if we do, we maximize the effort we put into intelligence and gathering information that can disrupt them and we adopt policies that don't assist them, don't expose what we know to them, because every time we increase what we share with the terrorists through our information that we hand out in the world generally, it makes the terrorists a bit more capable. >> neil: we are learning, general, speaking to you at the detroit metro airport, authorities are questioning three to five passengers from saudi arabia about this incident. there's a connection beyond what we fear and again, on a flight coming from abroad here, what do
, glad to have you. i want to pass along indications the president of the united states heard the uproar in massachusetts and what it could mean going forward. we're getting late word he's going to talk up tax credits for the sandwich generation, those earning $85,000 or less caring for ill parents and raising kids at the same time. a new g hear your concerns and i am responding to your concerns. all this on the same day we had so much news, the federal reserve keeping interest unchanged but there was some resistance. a key member saying no, i think we should raise rates. inflation is a bugaboo. a hot new product introduced by apple. we're not going to get into the mechanics of it but at $499 a pop and apparently reorders and interest in this running into the tens of thousands, potentially millions of interested customers t the economy is to bad, do these guys behind my have to do so much in all that in the busy hour. so glad to have you with us and the next two together with us. normally i get one or the other. now i have both. like a could youdy gra. fred thompson and his far better ha
the united states. and so i think that's where we need to begin, and that doesn't need to erode any authority or respect. in fact, that's the foundation of authentic authority and respect because then we know we're getting to the truth of things and we can build from there. so honest, transparency, confession, good for the soul. >> how do you know, father, when someone needs it? >> well, that's -- that's a very difficult question. i mean, even as a priest who hears confession, sometimes people themselves don't know whether they mean it or not. depends on the formation of the person, the defense mechanisms they put in place. a lot of people don't know what honest honesty is. they live in a kind of illusion that they've projected. not others but themselves. there are the words. whether or not one is taking responsibility or just calculating the political effect of the thing. >> and there's also the notion that it shows the vulnerability, right. leaving the religious stuff out of it, father, i think there is a fear that as the commander and chief, the leader of the free world, if you look very f
frankly the united states will be safe and needs to be safe and this administration will do whatever it takes. >> this view that we don't call it war on terror and we look at enemy combatants or rephrase the national priorities to be domestic ones and not advocating going to war with any one, preemptively or otherwise, that maybe with the best of intentions here and maybe even assuming the purist of heart what the president has done is provided opportunities for bad guys? >> well, right now, neil, this administration came in with a mind set that it felt like national security issues and the war on terror should be downgraded. they didn't want to discuss them. >> right. >> they wanted a policy of engagement throughout the world. if we extend the hand of welcome they will learn that we are good people and we will do that. i think we are learning, quite frankly, around the world whether it is with al-qaeda, venezuela, iran, that we have extended the hand and guess what, it has been bitten on numerous occasions and quite frankly the american people are beginning to get a little more conc
got it. welcome everybody, the president of the united states today all but demanding a new bank tax, a fee payback but who is paying? big financial if i did who took government loans out, automakers and mortgage companies under government control. these gays paid back with interest and are getting hit. these guys paid nothing and won't get hit at all. reaction from donald trump, who is okay with that. good to have you. >> hi, neil. >> what do you make of this? >> when they go to a bank they charge me fees. the problem is the government gave them this money and they won't loan t not only did they get the money, they're not loaning it to the public and you have businesses going down and unemployment so high so as far as i'm concerned, it's fine they're charging fees. they took billions an billions of dollars and they're going to be charged fees. >> a lot of them paid the money back and then some and early and wouldn't it hurt their ability to pay out these loans and help folks if they're paying knew fees on top? >> they weren't doing in anyway. that's the problem. no matter what you h
the president of the united states would have it, a complete report from his top advisers on tightening airline security. bob agained -- grendzel on what that report won't say it is upbeat rock. ♪ singer: hello hello hello can anybody hear me? ♪ ♪ i know i know i know i shoulda gone to ♪ ♪ free credit report dot com! ♪ that's where i shoulda gone! coulda got my knowledge on! ♪ ♪ vo: free credit score and report with enrollment in triple advantage. >>> authorities in dublin are trying to get to the bottom of an incident in which live explosives made it on to a passenger plane. have you heard about this? this wasn't about terrorism. this is actually a security test. a passenger unwittingly carried real bomb parts in his luggage from a flight from sla vacaway. the pilot deciding to fly even after being told an explosive was in the checked luggage. generally that is not good. the incident comes as the president prepares to release a review of airline security tomorrow but will that go far enough? reaction from airline industry lege legend bob randall. good to have you. happy new ye
. >> you have the -- >> it was weird. >> very weird. the president of the united states delivers lines calculated to get democratic support e hundreds of them surrounding them and his cabinet, including the attorney general, afew feet away from the justices on their feet applauding his condemnation of their decision. this is not appropriate behavior knowing they have to sit and take it. >> you're the great constitutional historian but i know prior presidents, where roosevelt to tried the supreme court and that caused tension between the two branches, then of course you had richard nixon and his famous battles over watergate and secrecy but this is the first time i've seen a president take on that body in the well of the house for a state of the union speech. i just thinkettes it's weird. >> he ambushed them. the text was available 30 minutes beforehand. i don't think they would come if they would have known. it was unappropriate behavior. it's perfectly okay to criticize the supreme court. doy it all the time and the president has a right to do it and a duty to do it if the supreme cou
can't, but i know through 2007 there were about 800,000 clean energy jobs in the united states. >> over what time period? >> in 2007, which is the last year we have data for. but more importantly, the rate of growth in clean energy jobs over the previous ten years was two and a half times of ordinary jobs. >> where do you get that from? >> the pew environment center came up with that. it includes people work building wind turbines, making energy efficient windows, installing insulation, putsing up solar panels, all those jobs are counted as clean energy jobs. >> president obama's stimulus plan was supposed to create x number of jobs and clearly it didn't. green energy jobs, how many green energy jobs do you think will be created if we has cap and trade? do you have a number. >> yes. there's one number from the university of massachusetts says that the stimulus package, combined with the global warming bill, will create about 1.7 million jobs. a study by the university of illinois says about 2 million jobs by 2020. >> by 2020? >> net. >> that's a very long time. >> that's a lot
breaks to companies that create good jobs with good and decent wages here in the united states of america. >> reporter: now, earlier in the month when the president announced he was going to be visiting the area it was pounded on by the local paper. it noted since obama's '08 visit the housing market collapsed that knocked down demand for plasterboard made at the plant and the plant closed. the paper editorial was highly critical of what it described as tax increases, larger government and health care man days. joblessness is up in lorraine currently at over 11%. one out of every four lorraine residents lives in poverty. jobs are desperately needed here. that brings us to the federal stimulus package. the "washington post" today said lorraine received 33 millions in stimulus. the impact on local unemployment is at best questionable. money has again to the port authority, school system, which is in debt. local housing authority, small business development and a summer jobs program. not a profound impact on joblessness here. i did get ahold of the folks at city hall to ask them about the "w
, the president of the united states supporting leader harry reid despite the controversial comments but is the first elected african-american governor happy with reid's apology? joining me is the virginia governor, democrat doug wilder. glad to have you back. >> always good to be with you. >> neil: enough other republicans say harry reid resigned. you say no. but you saw some distinction. what do you mean? >> first of all, i think his remarks were reprehensible, uncalled for and they were not a spur of the moment thing. there wasn't anything -- oops, i'm sorry i said that. th this is in a book, this which means you had a chance to correct it, edit it, do whatever you will with it. but for reid to suggest there is a difference prevalent in the african-american community, that it should spill over for people to see in terms of skin color, if you are dark skinned and you have thick dialect, that it makes you less acceptable or less attractive. to say it's to okay to say it is wrong. the reason i say that i don't think it amounts to his having to resign, because there is nothing that he
with a trial in a civilian court that is going to become a circus that the president of the united states and the attorney general announced the results of. >> neil: yeah. >> let's say we try them in civilian court and convict them. if they're trying to impress these terrorist, the terrorists are just going to say that was a foregone conclusion. this makes no sense. it's not necessary. scott brown was absolutely right when he said we shouldn't be spending money on terrorists' lawyers, we should spend money on catching terrorists. the reality is give them exactly what they're entitled to. nothing more. that's where the american people are. i think the president is going to get there. it's going to take him longer. i mean i wish we didn't have to go through all this. >> neil: i'm not a lawyer, but i do watch "law and order." [ laughter ] so -- >> i've been on it! >> neil: i know you were. again, not bag lawyer and i watch the "state of the union" covering it in washington and the president singles out those nine supreme court justices. >> horrible. >> neil: leaving aside the accuracy of wha
of the united states is going a little too far? far? tonight on fbn.
now. joining me i'm happy to say, former vice president of these united states, dan quayle. >> good to see you. >> neil: you always have a day where you have a crisis and a few miles away from our shores and then the crisis domestically. that's when you test presidential leadership. >> is shows how many things the president has to do in a day. and he gets up in the morning and he says here's my schedule. here's the agenda and guess what, the agenda is shaped by events. and the tragic event in haiti, we don't know, citigroup folks, you know, our hearts and prayers go to the folks in haiti. i've been there a couple times, it's a very poor country, great people. i don't know what the infrastructure was down there but we hope for the very best and i guess we don't have that much information right now. >> neil: even when you were vice president and as senator, to be the man on the ground, i remember in disasters you were. i was going through the disasters that occurred in the bush senior years when you and he were running the country, hurricane hugo was a category 4 hurricane. >> hugo wa
. that was an effort of a person sent here to commit military act against the united states. the polls were overwhelming, rasmussen was 72% wanting him tried in military court can, on top of what happened in new york, with khalid sheikh mohammed in new york. i don't know. the mixed signals are here are bothering the american people. >> it's not exactly easing the terrorist threat. >> no. the problem what we're learning is that being nice to them is not working. >> neil: patrick, good to see you. pat caddell. revenge of the nerds washington style. the washington director on a roll with the ladies. is that a geek game changer? the most famous nerd ever lewis from "revenge of the nerds" is best. guess what else? plus-size model is turning heads here and everywhere. @' >>> people just you just like you're in high school. >> ogre! ogre! >> nerds! nerds! >> ogre, ogre! >> where are they? >> i think they're talking about us. >>> no way! >> neil: it's me. i was so intrigued by this story. are the nerds finally getting their revenge? white house budget director peter orszag has all of a sudden becom
yesterday with admiral brennan and the united states coast guard and he indicated it look like there is not as much of increase as it relates to haitians coming to florida. we don't think it's a problem. we had as you said around 6,000 so far. we are bringing them in miami and outside of orlando. i went to the sanford facility this afternoon and it's orderly. things are going well. our department of children and families is taking very good care as the people come in to florida in a very methodical reasonable way. and we think it's undergood control. >> neil: you know, we never say the two incidents are alike, governor, but there is always the fear that the best and the kindest and most decent of gestures, and this on your part and your state's part is that, can sometimes backfire. and you could get criminal elements. you could get -- we've seen this in the past in terms of cuban refugees, haitian refugees in the past. what assurances do you have or can you offer that won't be the case? >> we believe it won't be the case. we have unof the best emergency in the country, because
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